Young farmers

America’s New Farmers From Oregon to Florida

Are you young and want to be farmer?  If so, you are not alone. Although the majority of farmland in the United States is owned by farmers over 55, there is a growing trend of younger farmers making an effort to revive old school farming techniques. We are seeing this same trend in Florida, and we couldn’t be happier!

Many younger farmers approach agriculture in a way that differs from industrial practices of previous generations. In this article, the New York Times’ Isolde Raftery profiles several Oregon farmers in their 20s and 30s. Raftery reports these younger farmers cultivate heirloom beans, reference YouTube for farming tips, and search Craigslist for small-scale farm equipment. As Raftery puts it, “many shun industrial, mechanized farming and list punk rock, Karl Marx and the food journalist Michael Pollan as their influences.”

While some have found success, others have struggled. Nonetheless, Raftery reports a growing movement of younger farmers buoyed by increasing support for local agriculture.

It’s pretty well known Oregon and the rest of the West Coast are pretty far ahead of the game when it comes to greening up. What about here in Florida though, you may ask? Take heart, because we are noticing an increasing interest in small-scale urban farming here as well.

A leader in the urban farming movement, and permaculture guru, Jim Kovaleski, is profiled in this inspiring piece by Daylina Miller of the New Port Richey Patch. Jim  has been leading the way and teaching many others around him about the ins and outs of perma-culture gardening.

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