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  • Guest Article: Oshi Shola and My Food Journey

    Guest Article: Oshi Shola and My Food Journey

    My Food Journey Jesse Haskins Whether my parents intended or not (probably not), I built my cultural identity around food. I grew up loving my maternal grandmother’s rice dishes. She recognized this as fundamental to her Jewish-Afghanistan heritage. I remember being particularly fond of her “oshi shola” recipe, a recipe of which I still have…

  • Recipe: Purslane & Grapefruit Smoothie

    Recipe: Purslane & Grapefruit Smoothie

    This was shared with us by Ecology Florida’s friend, Ann Scott. Did you know Purslane has more omega-3 fatty acids than in some of fish oils? If you aren’t familiar with the health benefits of Purslane, you can read all about it here. Enjoy! In it’s simplest form, I just pop a bunch of Purslane…

  • Broccoli Mash with Miso Gravy

    Broccoli Mash with Miso Gravy

    Thanks to Ann Scott for this great raw food recipe! Do you have a favorite dish you make using local, fresh ingredients? Send us the recipe and a photo and we’ll post it to the Cooks’ Corner! “This dish is a wonderful combination of healthy protein, minerals and lubricants/healthy fats. And it has a wonderful…