Sea-level rise to impact Tampa, noted science author claims.

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In an interview on PBS’s “Need to Know” (2/25/11), science author, Mark Hertsgaard, observed that in addition to the impact of sea-level rise due to climate-change on major cities like New York and San Francisco, “equally at risk is Tampa.”  In the video feed of the interview, there is a image of Tampa’s downtown waterfront, and its distinctive high-rise office buildings.  Those of us in Florida, know that Tampa is at risk; and so too is its neighbor, St. Petersburg — and every coastal city.

Hertsgaard’s recent book, Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth offers a challenging image of the future.  The interview reminds us that global warming has very real consequences, especially for Floridians, and action needs to be taken now.  The book is not without hope, and contains many examples of constructive actions already underway.  Watch the video, and decide what you can do to make a difference — before we have to use canoes to get around in downtown Tampa.

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