Brevard County Oak Tree Removal: A Controversial Plan

Jul 16, 2021 No Comments by

by Monica Starr On Thursday night, Brevard County officials explained their upcoming plans to remove roughly 30 oak trees on Rockledge Drive. Starting as early as August 18th, this removal process will began and it comes with reimbursements to the residents to plant new trees on this scenic road if they would like. These reimbursements […]

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Manatee Deaths Soar in Florida

Jun 29, 2021 No Comments by

by Monica Starr The state of Florida has described the high number of manatee deaths an “unusual mortality event.” These herbivorous marine mammals can often be found in the central and south Atlantic coast of Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or the FWC has reported nearly 650 manatee deaths from January 2021 […]

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Editorial: Mangrove Restoration Efforts in South Florida

Jun 08, 2021 No Comments by

by Monica Starr The south Florida organization MANG recently partnered with the Brevard Zoo in order to begin coastal restoration work. MANG began in Fort Myers by brothers that work to restore ecosystems by planting mangrove trees across the state of Florida. They are currently working with the Brevard Zoo team and their efforts to […]

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There Is No Once and For All Only More Once Agains

May 08, 2021 No Comments

by Dell deChant It is amusing in a grim Greek-tragic sort of way hearing Florida’s Governor and other public officials boast about ending the environmental threat of the Piney Point gypsum stack – once and for all. Those were the exact words of Noah Valenstein, Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, on April 13, […]

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Guest Column: Why Farmers Markets are Safer and More Convenient than Grocery Stores

Sep 08, 2020 Comments Off on Guest Column: Why Farmers Markets are Safer and More Convenient than Grocery Stores

BY JESSE HASKINS • AGRICULTURE LAW Buying groceries at a grocery store right now can be downright scary. Vulnerable groups, like the elderly, have good reason to be scared. Grocery stores have drawn especially large crowds, which may consist of people infected with the coronavirus. And grocery stores have plenty of potentially contaminated surface: grocery carts, tongs, self-serve […]

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Ecology Florida Announces New Vice President

Sep 06, 2020 No Comments

Ecology Florida has elected Jesse Haskins to serve as vice president.  Jesse Haskins is an attorney who dedicated his law practice to strengthening our local food systems. He offers legal services to small scale agricultural enterprises. Jesse Haskins is excited about serving as vice president of Ecology Florida because of the organization’s emphasis on local food systems. Ecology […]

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Guest Column: Local Food, National Security

Aug 20, 2020 Comments Off on Guest Column: Local Food, National Security

BY JESSE HASKINS • AGRICULTURE LAW Photo: American Phytopathological Society, Rye infected with ergot In 6th century B.C.E., the Assyrians, in modern day Iraq, poisoned enemy wells with rye ergot, a fungus disease. Imagine seeing a person suffering ergotism. The first victim of bioterrorism in recorded history may have felt a violent burning. “Holy fire” became the nickname […]

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500 Million Plastic Straws a Day? Let’s Go With the Paper

Sep 12, 2018 2 Comments

Part I of a three-part series on plastics an Ecology Florida Editorial A trending ecological initiative is the contra-straw movement.  USA Today has a good short article on the “anti-straw movement,” and Fast Company has an article about cities that have banned or are considering banning the plastic drinking tubes.  As it pertains to Florida, […]

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University of Florida IFAS: Invasive Species Cost ‘Tens of Millions’, Seeks Help

Mar 27, 2018 No Comments

By Jack Payne A snake so voracious it can swallow a fully-grown deer prowls the Everglades. An insect’s arrival in Florida seemed innocuous enough until the discovery that it carries a fungus that kills avocado trees. A spiny newcomer to Florida is eating fish that could have been on your plate, and it is wreaking […]

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Rotarians Reflect on Culture of “Consumerism”

Jun 30, 2016 No Comments

We are a consumer society and it is bred into us from our earliest memories.  We get gifts from Grandma, toys from a jovial stranger at Christmas, acquisitions from stores with toys stacked to the ceiling.  From the moment we can talk, we learn to demand: “I want, I want, I want…”  It’s the American […]

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