Major Media Ignoring The Reality of Climate Change?

The reality of climate change is increasingly obvious to most Floridians, and indeed people worldwide.   The economic and cultural consequences are also increasingly apparent.  Food prices continue to escalate, severe weather impacts more of us every year, electrical power consumption steadily increases, 20,000 species a year become extinct, diseases migrate, and we may be reaching the tipping point in terms of planetary sustainability.

13 of the  hottest years in history last occurred in the last 15, and early reports indicate 2011 will rank as the 10th hottest year on record.  This is actually a cool down from 2010, which tied with 2005 as the hottest on record.  Curiously, however, major media sources are reporting less on climate change than in recent years.  We expect this will prove to an aberration rather than a trend, and the new year will bring renewed reporting on this enormously important issue. To learn more about the decline in media coverage of climate change, review this report from The Daily Climate.

With your help, EF will do our part to publicize the effects of climate change.  Do you have climate change observations in your area? Send us your stories and photos to be included in future coverage of this issue.


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