You Can Recycle Just About Anything Today—Maybe Even Towns & Cities

Getting Away From It All?

Over the past several decades we have all learned how vital recycling is to sustainable living. But what about recycling entire towns and cities? It seems that may be the future for “intelligent” cities. According to the USA Today, “Intelligent” cities, and “a renewed emphasis on improving the urban anchors of a region rather than just slowing growth in far-flung suburbs” is a growing trend in city planning across the country.

Sustainable cities are necessary to an ecologically healthy world.  They create and nurture the environment we share, enriching and sustaining the natural, cultural, and economic ecologies necessary for healthy life and happy living.

So what’s going on in Florida cities? Have you noticed any changes that would suggest your City is developing a sustainable and more livable urban setting? If not, would you like to?

Lasting change is incremental and it starts with one person—have you attended a city council or city development meeting? Getting involved on a local level is easy and it’s surprising how much change one can effect just by getting to know your local officials. Most council members, mayors and city managers are available by email too, making them even more accessible.

Become the voice of change for sustainability and a more livable city in your neighborhood, because if you don’t—who will?  Let us know what you are doing, and we’ll share your work with others.  Ecology Florida is committed to expanding ecological awareness and promoting healthy ecologies through cooperative action.  Now’s the time!

Read the full story from USAtoday here


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