Welcome to Ecology Florida’s Research and Reference Studio

The purpose of this resource is to support and encourage current and new professional inquiries into topics relevant to ecologies of nature, culture, and economics.  The focus will be on the Florida context of these ecologies, but the Florida focus will by no means limit the range of our topics and interest; and regional, national, and international ecological topics will certainly be included. All material presented here will be open-sourced, with responsible reference and secondary use expected. The Ecology Florida Research Board curates the studio.

Here you will find three types of research documents:

Data and Reports

Articles and Assessments

Reviews and Comments

The Data and Reports section contains documents presenting findings based on first-hand research. Documents in this section include demographic data, surveys, bibliographies,  explanatory narratives on a topic, glossaries with definitions, category descriptions, comments on methodology and theoretic contexts, references to other studies, and so on.  

Articles and Assessments contains professional studies of topics relevant to ecologies of nature, culture, and economics. Professional analysis and critical assessment should be expected.  Documents included here include new articles solicited by Ecology Florida or submitted for review by the Ecology Florida research board. This section may also include reprints (with permission) of articles and studies published previously in other forums.

Reviews and Comments features short responses to and comments on published or presented material of a professional nature relevant to ecologies of nature, culture, and economics.  This can include traditional book and media reviews, comments and responses to contemporary issues, on-going discussions, op-eds, opinion pieces, updates on works in progress, and so on.
To access documents in any of the three sections, click on the area of interest, and you will reach the index for the section.