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Food Recalls Threaten Our Food Safety

General Mills has issued a recall on nearly 10 million units of flour. See the recall notice here.

Why do large scale food safety recalls keep happening and what can we do to protect ourselves and our families?  

The main cause is the industrial food system, which is the system behind nearly every corporate grocery chain, fast food restaurant, and convenience store in the nation – and behind nearly everything people consume as food.

This contamination and recall, like every other recent food recall, (1) has its source in a food production company within the industrial food system and (2) are a natural consequence of having persons directly involved in food production, preparation, packaging, and distribution who are most likely not paid a living wage and for whom the relationship with food (our sustenance) is superficial at best and more likely than not indifferent. Contamination is to be expected.  It is a wonder that there is not more of it.

So, what can be done? Easy answer: avoid the industrial food system. Buy local local – meaning, from local persons and firms and local production sites.

Ecology Florida suggests buying your food from local producers – farmers, dairies, ranchers, butchers, bakers, artisan canners. Buy food from persons who are directly responsible for the production of the food and making it available to you. This approach also means you will most likely be buying food from sources that are close enough for you to visit, from proprietors who welcome such visits, and will talk with you about how the food is produced. We also encourage you make such a visit if you have chance. Visit the farmer on her farm, the dairy operator at his dairy, the rancher at her ranch, the butcher at his shop, the baker at her bakery, an the artisan canner at his kitchen.   Better yet: learn to grow your own food and learn how to prepare it.

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