Solar panels in Florida

Florida Energy Milestone

by Monica Starr

Transitions to cleaner energy sources are the future of corporations everywhere. Indiantown Florida is a village in Martin County, located just north of West Palm Beach. Last week, the Florida Power and Light plant in Indiantown demolished the last coal chimney in the entire state. The chimney stood nearly 500 feet tall and was originally built in 1995 [1]. The building was purchased by the Florida energy company in 2016 and was shut down nearly two years ago with this particular goal in mind [1].  It took 171 pounds of explosives to fully destroy the brick structure [1]. This was noted as an energy milestone and the future plans for the building follow suit. Florida Power and Light will finish taking down the rest of the building by the end of the year and replace it with a solar energy facility. Representatives of the company have explained that they are committed to proving more clean energy sources for their customers in the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of Tampa Bay. 

The clean energy revolution allows for large corporations to incorporate innovation and sustainability into their facilities. Renewable energy sources provide a dependable system while both reducing costs and lowering emissions of carbon and other pollutants. The incorporation of renewable energy can be on any scale, from small rooftop solar panels to large solar energy facilities like the new Florida Power and Light building. Utilizing our nation’s advanced technology and alternative energy sources on all scales will be essential moving forward and Florida is an advocate for this clean energy movement. 

Monica Starr is an intern with Ecology Florida, serving as the Public Communications Facilitator for Ecology Florida News. Monica is a graduate student at the University of South Florida studying Global Sustainability.

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