New Port Richey Farmnet

New Port Richey FarmNet is a community of individuals, businesses, and civic organizations committed to building and restoring sustainable and resilient natural, economic, and cultural systems.

Our primary focus is on sustainable food systems, recognizing the critical role played by food in fostering healthy ecologies of nature, economics, and culture. Food production is foundational to these three ecologies that are all directly related to each other as well.  Our focus is food, but our vision is much wider.

We welcome community participation, and especially local food producers, distributors, markets, and consumers dedicated to sustainable organic food production and distribution in New Port Richey and the surrounding area.

FarmNet invites everyone who shares its ideals to participate in its programs and initiatives.

From among the many projects now underway, these may be of special interest.

Locally-grown seasonal vegetables and fruits

FarmNet promotes local food systems – from farm or garden to table.  This means markets associated with FarmNet will feature locally produced fruits and vegetables – and FarmNet Farmers’ Markets will offer only locally grown produce.  Our Farmers’ Markets and growers affiliated with FarmNet will not bring in produce from other areas or produce bought at wholesale sites.

Interested in purchasing locally grown food? Visit our market site and get started!

Locally-grown businesses

FarmNet promotes economic localism. Just as locally grown organic food is better for people and the natural environment, locally grown businesses that develop organically are better for the economic and cultural environment. FarmNet will direct shoppers to local businesses and promote local enterprises – especially those dedicated to sustainable practices and policies.  

Local Natural Ecologies

By focusing on organic farm and garden practices, FarmNet promotes restoration of healthy ecosystems.  Since the produce entering the food system through FarmNet programs is organic and poison-free, the farms and gardens where that food is produced is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides.  Our commitment to clean organic food results in a net reduction in the use of harmful chemicals in the area – and the complete elimination of them in specific areas of the community. We see those areas growing.   

Community Engagement

FarmNet welcomes participation by anyone who shares our vision. Financial support is always beneficial and will be put to good work.  Equally helpful is your heart support and your commitment to furthering the FarmNet mission. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer – at our gardens, at our festivals, at our markets.  You can also support the work by telling others about FarmNet and what we are doing, passing along literature, sharing announcements via social media and email, and sharing the FarmNet project in face-to-face conversations with friends and neighbors.

The Big Picture

The FarmNet vision is not restricted to New Port Richey and nearby communities – although this is the geographic area of our focus.  We take seriously the maxim: “Think Globally and Act Locally.”  We seek to do both. Back of our local work is an awareness that Florida, the nation, and the world are changing very quickly and in ways that may create challenges for nature, the economy, and culture – and communities and individuals who necessarily rely on all three.  Without ignoring the challenges, FarmNet is committed to constructive activities designed to resolve challenges and improve natural, economic, and cultural environments. You will not find too much negativity, criticism, and complaining in FarmNet.  We are idealists with positive expectations, and we are also pragmatic realists who know that building and restoring sustainable and resilient natural, economic, and cultural systems requires dedication, education, work, and commitment – most importantly commitment to the place where you live.  

If you would like to learn more about FarmNet, participate in one or more of our projects, share support and resources with us, or just get on our mailing list, here is our contact

Friendship Farms & Fare

PO Box 596

New Port Richey



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