Policy Institute

Ecology Florida believes it is important to take a stance on certain issues central to the advancement of its ideals and has established a policy institute to put forward recommendations on those topics.


Policy on Genetically Modified Foods

Ecology Florida supports and advocates the following government policies, laws, and actions on Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods:

1) The adoption of food labeling laws that require foods containing GE crops to be clearly identified as such, so that consumers can make informed decisions about buying (or not) GE products.

2) Expanded research funding for public crop breeding programs, so that a broad range of non-GE as well as GE crop varieties will remain available.

3) Expanded public research funding and incentives to further develop and adopt agroecologically based farming systems.

4) Changes in patent law and other measures to facilitate independent scientific research on GErisks and benefits.

5) Adopt a more rigorous, conservative approach to GE product approvals, so that products do not come to market until their risks and benefits are well understood.