Rotarians Reflect on Culture of “Consumerism”

We are a consumer society and it is bred into us from our earliest memories.  We get gifts from Grandma, toys from a jovial stranger at Christmas, acquisitions from stores with toys stacked to the ceiling.  From the moment we can talk, we learn to demand: “I want, I want, I want…”  It’s the American way.

But there are two changes that often prompt a change in the great American drive to consume.

The first is when we actually pause to question why we need or even want all this “stuff” in our lives.  The other is when we get older and realize that maybe  we not only don’t want all that stuff filling up our lives, we discover we no longer really want to buy more.  How unAmerican, right?

Well, here’s a great article written by Barbara Brothman for the May 2016 issue of the Rotarian magazine that’ll give you something to think about…just click on the link and you don’t have to buy the magazine!

-Ecology Florida Staff


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