FEATURE: Cow Pots Debut at New Port Richey Market

Just in time for Florida’s Fall growing season, The Market Off Main (6241 Lincoln Street, 34652) in New Port Richey now has in stock organic starter pots for the local gardener.

These starter pots for seeds are made from 100% renewable composted cow manure. In a cooperative agreement with Ecology Florida, Market Off Main in New Port Richey has just become the only retail distributor for this new product in West Pasco — and one of only three retailers in the entire state.

These pots work like instant organic fertilizer for young plants, and they break down very quickly in the ground. Until planting directly in the ground, the pots hold their shape quite well over an extended period of time. In tests at local organic gardens, seedlings grown in cow pots out performed seedlings in all other sprouting systems — plastic cells, peat pots, and soil blocks. Roots literally begin bursting through the walls of the cells shortly after sprouting.

These pots are light on the environment, carry earth-friendly nutrients to ones garden, and support the work of the environmentally-conscious, humane dairy farmers who developed the product. Perhaps most of all, theses pots offer an alternative to plastic, synthetic, and especially peat starter pots that proliferate in this area.

Cow Pots starter cells are not available at major retail outlets, nor should they be confused with or mistaken for other “organic pots.” Although many retailers market organic cells, they are typically made from peat. Peat pots and other peat-derived products require the “mining of bog eco-systems,” using energy intensive methods. Much of the peat on the US market comes from Canada, adding significant carbon-loading to the atmosphere to go with the already destructive mining process. Cow Pots are available in a 12 pack of 3-inch pots for $5 or 12 pack of 4-inch pots at $6.00…and only available at the Market Off Main in downtown New Port Richey.


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